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Forest Defense


Game Description:

Forest Defense - Fight off the oncoming army in the battle to death. Defend and conquer. Purpose of the game: in this game you are the last one standing to fight for your land. All your army has been eliminated and the enemy is invading your land and you are the only one left to fight them off. How to play the game: Your reinforcment is on the way but you have to fight the emey and hold them back until help arrives. You have 4 cannons at your disposal. You have to fill up each cannon before you can fire them. enemy will keep coming and they will try to shot you. Hit that you take results in loss of your health. Lose too much health and you die. The game ends if you die. .

Instructions :

Use the up or down arrow keys or S,W to move. Use Space bar or CTRL to fill up the cannon, press again to fire

Game Tags:

Strategy Defend War 3D Unity3d Tower Defense

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