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Asgard Attack Hacked


Game Description:

Asgard Attack Hacked - God space invincible version, [1] button base is invincible, invincible [2] figures,[3] special skill, [4] keys to increase money, [5] keys increase the stars, [6] keys to kill the enemy.
Originally living in the Temple of the immortal clans of goblins was squarely with the Mainland, but the Goblin clan rulers of the city, they were unwilling to do, so I asked Xian forces started the war.Sen in various Cavalry forces, Warrior, Archer, Mage etc special skills, proficient in hundreds of patients, carry out their duties, under the constant upgrade experience, gear levels increase, no matter how many Goblin army, were killed under their swords!Game contains 12 soldiers, 39 kinds of monsters, and characters can be upgraded, homes can be built, can be said to be a very powerful Tower Defense game!Let us fight together! .

Instructions :

Move and attack [Q W E]

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Defense War Hacked

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