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Red Crucible 2


Game Description:

Red Crucible 2 - A super-hot shooting games - "Red Crucible 2", called the Web version of Battlefield game, you use the weapons in the game, vehicles and other equipment all stems from the reality, aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles and other nothing, collected more than 50 firearms, there are all kinds of game character model, but requires a certain amount of points you can get in the course of the game, a highly modified 3D engine to give you unlimited enjoyment of picture and sound,the game popular level than domestic CF game, and you do not need to login, no need to wait, you can be very simple to fight together with friends around the world red Battlefield waiting for you to join .

Instructions :

The keyboard WASD control mobile Q / shift key buildup, the left mouse button to shoot, right scope, the number keys to switch weapons, E key to enter or exit the tank / helicopter, the spacebar to jump / helicopter elevated R key to reload, Csquat V key to switch perspective, the Enter key to enter text chat.

Game Tags:

Shooting War 3D Unity3d Tank

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