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Critical Strike 2


Game Description:

Critical Strike 2 - Counter-strike 2 is online with more new variety of game modes and map scenes. Loading speed has been optimized, and many previous bugs have been fixed. You can also connect with players from mobile phones and ipad to compete with them!
This is a fun counter strike game in which the realistic game scenes, dramatic sound, 3D perspective and many other sensory stimulation will make your blood boil. You can choose from single and multiplayer modes. Installing a 0.5Mb plugin will immediately level up your game with Console Games. .

Instructions :

Mouse key to aim, left click to shoot. WASD to move, R to reload, Space to jump, Ctrl to squat, Q to switch weapons, G to throw weapons, C to switch perspective, CSC to switch mouse.
Tips: After you entered in the game, choose the second option which is networking connected mode. Type in any account name, password and email then you can register. But you can register only one account, so bear it in mind.
How to buy weapons: Enter into the game then press ESC to switch to mouse mode, then click Weapon shop to buy weapons.

Game Tags:

Shooting 3D Unity3d Shotgun Sniper Counter Strike

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