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Game Description:

KOF VS DNF 0.97 - 1. Open grass Jing Zhi 3 new super nirvana: Found II hundred and eighty-style, Wu Bai Ershi Medley God dust, One hundred and sixty thousand in a hundred days of vertical cloud type

2. To create a new assassin kill: Revenge of calls Nicholas surgery

3. For the strong edge produced a new kill: Silver sanctions against the storm
4. New super-seconds off the majority of nirvana can be mixed soldier, visual effects and the power of extreme shock

5. Resumption of props as you can now recover more HP, MP, to make you break through the barrier more easily

6. Re-create the ultra-kill stage background, the effect is even more dazzling, more to the force!

Instructions :

1P: WASD control the character jump and move around, J, K for the fist key, L for the dodge button, UIO for the super-nirvana.

2P: ? ? ? ? Control characters jump and move around the keypad number keys 1,2 for the fist key, 3 dodge key, 456 for the ultra-nirvana.

Note: Assassin in the selection of the case, press K key to nirvana, the default skills Xiang blow.

Game Tags:

Adventure Fighting Kung Fu KOF KOF Wing DNF

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