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King Of Fighters VS DNF 0.99


Game Description:

King Of Fighters VS DNF 0.99 - 1. KOF popular character Terry Berg debut, the absolute impact of a strong skills.2. This version is based on the original version by adding a new role, richer elements of the game is still produced in the next edition will be a new game, including up and down, learning skills, stay tuned

Instructions :

1P: WASD control the character jump and move around, J, K for the fist key, L is the dodge button, UIO for ultra-nirvana.2P: ? ? ? ? Control character jump and move around the keypad number keys 1,2 for the fist key, 3 keys to dodge, 456 for the ultra-nirvana.

Game Tags:

Adventure Fighting Kung Fu KOF KOF Wing DNF King Of Fighter

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