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Nanowar 2 Hacked


Game Description:

Nanowar 2 Hacked - All levels unlocked. x10 upgrade points.
Every human own billons of nanoscopic cells.Some of these cells are doomed to protect our organism and fight foreign organisms.Even confined to smaller and unlikely places the war is present.Welcome on Nano War 2…The goal of Nano War 2 is quite simple: annihilate your opponents. You are the blue cells and you have to capture the others cells to win. You can increase, capture and develop new cells to beat your enemies.With the new gameplay and the new cells (rock, paper, scissors system) you have to find the best strategy on every situations.

Instructions :

Click on your cell then click on the others cells to move units.You will send 50% of units at least but you can send more units if you press longer.Click outside or press the space bar to unselect your cells .You can select multiples cells by dragging the mouse cursor on your cells or by frame your cells with the mouse cursor.Press escape to open the pause menu.

Game Tags:

Strategy upgrade Multiplayer super-tower-defense

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