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Dutamasa Battle Hacked


Game Description:

Dutamasa Battle Hacked - Very high starting turangga level,mana points,prada points and all units available

Instructions :

Hover over a character to see its attack, defense, life, and power levels. When choosing a character for battle, keep in mind that each character costs a certain number of prada points. Your turanggamasa level must be high enough too. The more powerful the character, the higher the required turanggamasa level.When fighting a battle, attack and defend by clicking on spells. During battles, the life and prada of both you and your enemy are displayed at the top of the screen.Your turanggamasa level will increase along with your battle victories. Characters that are defeated during battle will die and become unusable. You can revive dead characters by sacrificing your turanggamasa level. If you want to practice a new character without harming it, do training. Training will also increase your level and requires no prada points. Characters defeated in training will not die.

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